My journey to reach the roof of Africa

Climb Tracker

Whilst we are on the mountain 17th-24th June you’ll be able to track our progress each day along the Rongai route and get daily photos and updates from our guide by looking up our team reference “HS-MAWA” on Team Kilimanajaro’s climber blog,  facebook page and google map.

Once you have opened the tracking map in full on Google Maps:

  • Search the left hand column for the climb group that you wish to track. Group names are derived from the first two letters of the first name and surname of the main correspondent that planned the climb – ours will labeled as HS-MAWA x4. Click on the blue underlined title.
  •  Use the Google Map zoom function on the climbing group until you have the level of detail that you require.
  • The position of a climbing group is indicated by the icon representing two green coloured walkers. Our climb coordinators receive SMS messages directly from the guide leading the trip. Bad weather and weak signal can prevent reception on same days. In this event, our coordinator will indicate that no message has been received, and will move the group’s icon to the location at which the group is expected to be.

Note: on around 1 day in 2 or 3, poor signal prevents the sending of text messages from the mountain. Where this happens, ‘no news’ should be considered to be ‘good news’, as, if a medical emergency arises, climb coordinators will be contacted via radio relay from one of the ranger’s huts and will post information advising friends and family to contact them directly for a more detailed report.


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