My journey to reach the roof of Africa

“On Yer Bike”

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So if I stand any hope of getting up Kilimanjaro I’m going to have to drastically improve my fitness and drop more than a few pounds of weight. Given that I haven’t really done any sport or exercise for a number of years combined with my love of good food it’s not really too much of a surprise is it?

To ease myself back in to exercise I’ve started doing a bit of cycling. I picked up a mint “Specialized Crosstrail Sport” hybrid bike on eBay for a good price a few weeks ago. It got some use whilst on holiday and now is getting regular evening rides out when I’m at home. I’m starting with a modest 5 mile loop which takes in a few hills (which have me dropping down into very low gears and gasping like a fish out of water!). I’m tracking my rides using an iPhone app called Cyclemeter – it’s really cool and you’ll see it automatically tweet a summary and map of each of my rides.

This evening it’s sunny for a change so at least I won’t get the soaking I got yesterday when I rode out. Watch for my tweet.


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