My journey to reach the roof of Africa

Motivated by (raising) money – and your support.

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200px-HP_logo_2012.svg This week I received an email from HP’s UK employee social club with an offer to fund match employee’s charitable fundraising up to £150 for any activities that promote the employees’ health and well being. Well dropping a few stones and improving my fitness to drag myself up and down Kilimanjaro qualifies me nicely. Anyway, one online form submitted at the start of the week and on Thursday I get the confirmation my application is accepted. That’s an extra £150 raised then – thanks HP.

In fact the last week or so has seen a number of donations made to PSC Support in sponsorship of the climb. I emailed my LinkedIn contacts over the Christmas break to tell them about the climb and why I’m doing it and the response has been both remarkable and heart-warming. Colleagues, professional acquaintances and friends have been remarkably kind in their comments of support and generous in their donations. I really have been taken aback. I’m going to take a list of everyone who sponsors up on the mountain with me – whenever I get tired or need a motivation kicker that list of amazing individuals will provide it. Thanks to each and every one of you, I’ll make sure I repay the faith in me you’ve shown by giving it my all!


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