My journey to reach the roof of Africa

Killimattjaro in the News


LEP KilimanajroThe Lancashire Evening Post, my regional newspaper picked up my press release and ran an article (PDF) on my climb today.  With a estimated readership of over 92,000 it’s great to get some broader awareness about PSC, next month’s Kilimanjaro challenge and perhaps encourage some donations to PSC Support.


2 thoughts on “Killimattjaro in the News

  1. Fimdraiser? Is that a proper English word?

    • I saw that too! Yes its an old English word meaning “a journalist who does not check their copy”. Actually my initial press release was full of typos too (not Fimdraiser though) so perhaps I shouldn’t throw stones whilst sat in my glass house… I’m grateful that the paper picked up the release – it all helps get awareness out there as there is both ignorance and sometimes even stigma about liver disease.

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