My journey to reach the roof of Africa

Goals that go up and down

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goalsIn September last year I set myself a number of goals around the Kilimanjaro challenge and with our departure 28 days away here’s a quick review of where I’m at…

Fundraising Target: £4,000 – Achieved. People have been so generous in their support and donations that we recently got over the £4,000 mark. So what next? Increase the target of course! I’m now going to see if we can make it up to £4,500 – that would be brilliant. There is so much work to be done and opportunity to make a difference to those affected by PSC that PSC Support will make great use of every single penny and cent donated.

Weight Target 14 Stone –More to do. I’m hovering around the 14stone 5lb mark at present. I’m doubling up my gym sessions with Kristy my personal trainer for the remaining weeks before the tip. To be honest I’m more concerned about getting my fitness as good as possible and the weight loss is really a consequence of that rather than the main goal.

Age Target 42:  On track. I’ll be 42 the day after we come off Kilimanjaro if all goes well!


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