My journey to reach the roof of Africa

My Kilimanjaro Gym Regime


gymMartine and I joined our local Virgin Active health club last weekend. For Martine exercise is one way that can help reduce the effects of the PSC related fatigue she suffers with. For me it’s about improving my cardio vascular fitness and general stamina to help me on Kili.

I had my induction consultation on Tuesday and they listened to my goals and came up with the following workout:

Warm Up

Rowing Machine – Moderate Pace, 5 Min

Cardio Vascular

Treadmill – Intervals (2min@ 5.5kph, 1min @10Kkh) for  12min total

Vario Cross Trainer – Intervals (2min @L4, 1min @L7)@ 90+ RPM for 12 mins total

Bike – Intervals (2 mins @4, 1 min @ L6) @ 80+ RPM for 12 mins total


Strength and Conditioning

Chest Press (2 x 12 reps) 20KG

Lat Pull Down (2 x 12 reps) 30KG

Leg Press (2 x 12 reps) 50KG

Lower Back Extensions (2 x 10 reps) 0.5KG

Plank (abdominal) 4 x 30 secs

I’ve since completed two sessions and been stretched but OK with most of the exercise except the back extensions and “plank”. My core and back are clearly not my strongest point – yet.  One of my sponsors commented on my training “the more you put in…” and every time I’m running out of steam or feeling the burn I’m reminding myself of that. Better to be hurting in the gym a little than failing to get up Kili due to a lack of preparation.


2 thoughts on “My Kilimanjaro Gym Regime

  1. Put on your big-boy Knickers and suck it up Matt! You need to drop a few “stones” if you’r gonna make it up that mountain!

    • Ha! Who could argue with such eloquent motivation? :-p You’ll be glad to know that my alarm is set for 6am to go the hotel gym here in Prague Howard. Keep ’em coming!

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